Debtor Rights

  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Credit Card Lawsuit Defense
  • Student Loan Collections & Lawsuit Defense
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - FDCPA Violations

Have you received a letter or been served a Lawsuit Complaint about a debt? Official Court paperwork only gving you 20 DAYS to respond? Maybe about a credit card that you haven't thought about in years? Maybe from a third-party debt-collector that you've never heard of? Maybe from an out-of-town/out-of-state law firm that you've never heard of? Maybe about a student loan? Maybe one that you co-signed for your child?

IMMEDIATELY contact Bobby Norris for a free initial consultation. You must ACT PROMPTLY to PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS & LEGAL DEFENSES. And if you act without the ASSISTANCE OF EXPERIENCED COUNSEL, you risk compromising or forfeiting your Legal Rights & Legal Defenses--ones you may not even be aware of can be forfeited in ways you'd never imagine!